1. princess-femme:

    Happy Mothers Day, everyone! This wonderful patch is available in Laura Ellyn’s Etsy shop. Check it out!

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  2. seebaby:

    Is it just us or is Mother’s Day the very best time to honor and celebrate the beautiful pregnant women in our lives (or ourselves, if that pregnant woman is us)?

    How did you spend your Mother’s Day yesterday?

  3. viewsfromamommy:

    Know the facts! Know your birthing options!

    “Per the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, VBAC is a “safe and appropriate choice for most women” with one prior cesarean and for “some women” with two prior cesareans (1). Being pregnant with twins, going over 40 weeks, having an unknown or low vertical scar, or suspecting a “big baby” should not prevent a woman from planning a VBAC.”

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  5. ACOG says labor should begin naturally—When will medical practice change?


    In my latest column at RH Reality CheckI talk about new guidelines issued by ACOG regarding scheduled c-sections. They were addressing the practice of scheduled c-sections that have been producing pre-term deliveries, with a particular push-back on the…

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  6. The average NATURAL gestation for a first-time mom is 41 weeks 3 days.


    41 weeks 3 days

    41 weeks 3 days

    41 weeks 3 days

    NOT 40 WEEKS

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  7. The SFS doulas had the chance to share dinner with Ina May and Stephen Gaskin during the weekend of our Birth Story screening. What an inspiring woman!

  9. mommysaysfuckyou:

    One badass breast feeding bitch.  Published when half of you were in nursery school.

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  10. Happy Doula Week!

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